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A Case Study of Mobility Services in Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration Areas

A Case Study of Mobility Services in Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration Areas

보고서 상세내용
Author Soohyuk BANG, Kyeongpyo KANG, Jihun SEO, Tagyoung KIM Date 2022-03-20
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords autonomous driving, mobility services, autonomous driving mobility services, autonomous driving services, autonomous vehicles


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport selected seven autonomous vehicle demonstration areas in 2020 and 2021 to commercialize autonomous driving services. Those selected areas should report their operation performance, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport evaluate it in 2022. However, there are no cases where autonomous driving services have been evaluated. This study aims to do a case study for the services in the area and suggests a method of autonomous driving service evaluation. To this end, we reviewed the services in the areas and similar cases that evaluate mobility services such as C-ITS and DRT (Demand Responsive Transit). In addition, a survey was conducted for the autonomous driving and other mobility services users and the public. The survey points out that the people feel more comfortable and safe when they are in human-driving vehicles than in autonomous vehicles. However, once they use the autonomous driving services, then concern about the safety issue is dramatically decreased. So, we realize that an evaluation framework is needed to check service satisfaction and driving safety. Therefore, this study suggests essential question sets for the satisfaction survey and safety index and necessary data items to show the safety and stability of the autonomous driving services. Also, to expand the service, we emphasize that promotion of the autonomous driving service is performed and the safety of the service is also presented to the public.