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A Study on an Improvement Plan for Statistics in Logistics Industry

A Study on an Improvement Plan for Statistics in Logistics Industry

보고서 상세내용
Author Hongmo Sung, Joon-Ho Na, So-Young Jang‧Gyuseung Kim Date 2021-12-12
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords domestic logistics industry, Logistics industry national statistics, Logistics industry national statistics maintenance

Indicating Source+Prohibition Commercial Exploitation+Prevent Changes

According to the continuous growth on online-shopping market, reshaping the global supply chain by the COVID-19, and Reorganization of the daily logistics market, Changes in the logistics environment and growth of the logistics market are expected to continue. If the logistics statistics are insufficient, it is difficult to develop and implement effective policies suitable for the characteristics of the logistics industry. In addition, without statistical feedback, reasonable follow-up management of policies cannot be made. Therefore, in order to develop and establish logistics policies and verify the effectiveness of them, it is necessary to secure logistics statistics with reliability and usability.
Our research contributes to the development of national statistics in the logistics industry by deriving problems of current logistics statistics from the perspective of statistics users through interviews and surveys with experts in the logistics field and proposing specific solutions. In addition, we deduce priorities for individual improvement tasks and present a road-map for implementation. We expect that our research could be useful as a reference for future policy development such as revising logistics industry special classification, developing logistics policy indicators for the national logistics master plan, and discovering new statistics related to logistics.