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Transport Strategies in the Urban Renewal New Deal Project

Transport Strategies in the Urban Renewal New Deal Project

보고서 상세내용
Author Nakmoon SUNG, Kyounga PARK et al Date August 31, 2018
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords New Deal Project, Transport Policy
The Urban Renewal New Deal project is a large-scale national project promoted by the Moon Jae-in government. Most cities in Korea have grown by expanding their physical area. As a result, most urban activities such as administration, economy, culture, welfare, have been concentrated in new development areas. This results in the decline of merchant centers and residential areas in old downtowns. Urban renewal transforms the direction of urban planning policy from development to conservation and renewal. The Urban Renewal Project of the Moon Jae In government is promoted under the name of New Deal as a means of starting a new 'edition' of the existing urban renewal project. To improve the quality of life by restoring the city's competitiveness by revitalizing the existing core downtown functions and improving the residential environment and living inconveniences, and through these improvements, securing the foundation of job creation and social integration through social, economic, cultural and welfare, the goal of this project is to create a fusing base space for development.
This study contains the role of transportation and strategies to link transportation and urban renewal to create such base spaces and connect them to other areas. Transportation facilities and modes serve as connecting points for integrating activities, becoming a nodal point of socio-economic activity, as well as a base. There are a number of successful examples in making use of urban transportation facilities and means.
We would be grateful if the strategies proposed in this study helped the current government's priority projects to assist with the successful implementation of the Urban Renewal New Deal project. I would also like to thank the researchers who have contributed to this research and the experts who provided their help for this study.