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A Study on the Publicity Enhancement of National Road Network

A Study on the Publicity Enhancement of National Road Network

보고서 상세내용
Author Jeongbok YU, Jonghoon LEE, Hyeonjeong SIM Date 2018-06-30
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords National Road Network, Publicity
The dependence of our people on the roads is steadily increasing. As a result, the newly launched governments is actively discussing the social functions of SOC, including measures to reduce transportation costs for the public, and discussing new improvement alternatives. In addition, measures to improve road conditions and secure publicity for national-roads have also become a social concern.
In this study, it was concerned about the publicness of the national road network centered on express highways and national highways. We have established the definition of the publicness of national road network based on humanities and sociology. We evaluation public interest, equity and openness that contribute to the public. We assessed quantitatively the degree of public contribution of financial and private businesses in highways, national express highways, and highways based on the our definitions. Thus, we have proposed some policies that contribute to the public.
A new insight into the planning and management of road facilities will be needed in response to the diverse and complex needs of road users in recent years. In addition, it is considered that there are various discussions on securing the publicity of the national road network which is emerging socially, and it is time to need improvement alternatives to approach these values. We hope that the results of this study will contribute to the development of this road policy and we wish that it will be the basis for future research.