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A Study on Big Data Analytics and Application in Logistics

A Study on Big Data Analytics and Application in Logistics

보고서 상세내용
Author Yeonjoo MIN, Sangbeom SEO, Hongmo SEONG, Soyoung JANG, Jungeun KIM, and Eunji LEE Date November 30, 2018
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s) 22 Page(s)
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Amid the environmental changes in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the ripple effects of the big data market are evaluated to further amplify around the world in line with the rapid development of the digital-based convergence industry. As a result, the big data industry is forecast to develop into a base industry as the technology will also be widely utilized across the logistics industry. In particular, as the trend of convergence between industries accelerates together with the development of e-Commerce, the amount of big data generation increases sporadically and the demand to utilize the data is also increasing. In addition, the advent of logistics startups using real-time information led to the demand for the government’s open data reliability verification and sharing of a greater amount of information. The changes in industry trends and technological advancement as illustrated by the introduction of last mile delivery service using drones and self-driving trucks have resulted in the necessity to build new big data, such as a super-precision digital freight map, as well as to establish demand response policies and sharing systems.