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Regional Economic Impact Analysis of High Speed Rail Service

Regional Economic Impact Analysis of High Speed Rail Service

보고서 상세내용
Author Hun KIM, Jeonghwa AN, and Taisung WOO Date November 30, 2018
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s) 12 Page(s)
Download 18-08_Regional Economic Impact Analysis of High Speed Rail Service.pdf
The government is implementing the policy of increasing high-speed train operations for numerous territorial axes as a part of the construction of the high-speed transportation network system, but it is restricted by the lack of feasibility in the phase of the preliminary feasibility study. Certain projects should play an important role in the high-speed railway network system. If those projects are delayed or become difficult to implement, it is likely to negatively affect the overall high-speed railway transportation significantly. Discussions are underway on the restructuring of the transportation SOC investment evaluation system or the exemption of the preliminary feasibility study so that these types of projects can be implemented. The U.K., France, and other countries recommend to add economic effects in a broad sense that consider industrial aspects such as the ripple effect on regional economies, in addition to the existing social cost reduction benefits regarding the effect of operating transportation facilities.