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Study on the improvement of Laws and Regulations for Personal Mobilities

Study on the improvement of Laws and Regulations for Personal Mobilities

보고서 상세내용
Author Heecheol SHIN․Jaeyong LEE․Sari KIM Date December 31, 2016
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Download Abstract_(수시-2016-2)개인용 교통수단의 보급에 따른 제도개선 방향(최종본2).hwp
Urban transportation in modern cities is car-oriented. This auto-oriented system is convenient but makes environment more problematic, so that paradigm shift to green transport system is needed. However, motorized transport system is inevitable. Electric vehicles are the result. Electric vehicles have disadvantages such as large parking space compared with that of bicycles. Therefore, personal mobilities (PM) have appeared to solve space problem of cars as well as inconvenience of human power transport.
This kind of personal mobilities are getting more popular in not only domestic but also global market. However, lack of legislation makes PM inconvenient. Road Transport Act forces people to use driveway than sidewalk or bikeway, but PMs are slow and dangerous on driveways. License and helmet are necessary, but users ride without license and helmet.
Survey results show that PM has high potential for transport purpose. This research suggests several legislative improvements for safer and more convenient transport use. Especially, this research focuses on the conditions for PMs to use bikeway since Korean government considers bikeway as a candidate. First, PMs must be similar with bicycles in size, weight, and speed. Second, PMs must be safer than bicycles. Third, consensus between bikeway users is essential.
The result is not a final one but beginning and foundation stone for more use of PMs.