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KOTI Held the 27th Aviation Safety and Human Factors Seminar

2022-11-25 10:00 ~ 16:00
Grand Ballroom in Seoul Mayfield Hotel

The KOTI (President Oh Jaehak) held the “27th Aviation Safety and Human Factors Seminar” in collaboration with Korea Transportation Safety Authority at the Grand Ballroom in Seoul Mayfield Hotel on Friday, November 25th at 10 am under the theme of ‘Profit Pursuit and Impact on Safety as the Aviation Industry Recovers’. The seminar began with an opening speech by Kwon Yongbok, Chairman of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, and a welcome speech by Oh Jaehak, President of the KOTI, and presentations were held in three sessions. In Session 1, a keynote presentation was made by Yun Wanchel, Professor of the Korean Society of System Safety under the theme of ‘Functional Core of Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)’, and a session from the host organization under the theme of ‘Aviation Safety Trends and Policy Suggestions’ was continued in Session 2. Finally, in Session 3, an expert session, each expert gave a presentation under the theme of ‘new safety management trends in accordance with changes in the aviation industry environment’, and the event ended with discussions and Q&A.