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Korea Transport Mobility Report

March 15, 2019 (Fri.) ~ :
The Korea Transport Institute

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Dept. of National Transport Big Data, The Korea Transport Institute

Cheon, Seung hoon Associate Research Fellow

Cho, Chong suk Research Fellow

Choi, Jung min Research Fellow

Chung, Seung-hwan Researcher

Jo, Yong-hun Researcher

Kang, Kug soo Researcher

Kim, Byung-kwan Post-Doc

Kim, Dongho Research Specialist

Kim, Jeongmin Researcher

Kim, Jungeun Research Specialist

Kim, Juyoung Research Fellow

Kim, Kwan yong Researcher

Kim, Seongmin Researcher

Lee, Haesun Researcher

Lee, Yongchul Researcher

Park, In-ki Research Fellow

Park, Miran Researcher

Song, Tai-jin Associate Research Fellow

Sung, Hong-mo Associate Research Fellow

Tak, Jihoon Researcher

Korea Transport Mobility Report

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Published by The Korea Transport Institute (KOTI)

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Published in December 2018

ISBN 979-11-6384-028-2 93530

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