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  • [Extension] Call for Proposals of Regional Transport Research

[Extension] Call for Proposals of Regional Transport Research

July 17, 2017 (Mon.) ~ July 26, 2017 (Wed.)
Hyun-Jung LEE    /    044-211-3291
[Extension]Call for Proposals of Regional transport Research.docx

The Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) has been implementing the "International Transport and Logistics Cooperation Project" since 2012 in order to enhance Korea's international status and to become a leader of global cooperation framework by sharing Korea's development experiences in transport sector. "Regional Transport Research" aims to provide transport issues on developing countries including current status, pertinent national policies and laws in order to alleviate obstacles (language, lack of basic data) to Korean companies doing overseas businesses.

◦ 2013: 'Present and Prospect of Mongolian Railway', 'Analysis on the Structure of the Japanese Railway Industry and Strategies of Overseas Business'

◦ 2014: ‘Urban Transport Issues and Improvement Plan in Vietnam (Hanoi)’, ‘Improvement Plan of Public Transportation System in Manila, Philippines’, ‘Issues and Improvements of Transport and Logistics in Mongolia’, ‘Analysis and Prospect of Transport System in Dhaka, Bangladesh'

◦ 2015: 'Regional Transport Infrastructure and Future Demand in Asia', 'Country Partnership Strategies and Projects of Asian Development Bank'

◦ 2016: 'Establishment of Seamless Eurasia Transport and Logistics Network - Collaborative Efforts and Achievements',' Issues and Implications of BRT in Developing Countries', 'Traffic Situation and Strategy to Participate Public Transportation Project in Vientiane City, Lao PDR', 'Transport Strategy in Tbilisi City, Georgia 'and' Collaborative Efforts to Build an Efficient Transport Network in Eurasia Continent '

Regional Transport Research will call for ideas and papers of selecting country/city aiming at global transport experts from academia or private corporations currently participating overseas business or planning to participate in that. Through this contest via various channels, we expect to be able to grasp the areas and contents that are necessary in reality and to increase its utilization to Korean companies entering overseas markets. We ask for your great interest and participation.


Proposal Submission Period: July 17 (Mon) ~ July 26 (Wed), 2017

❑ Target Country: 4 countries

  • Myanmar, Nepal (designated)

  • 2 Asian countries (optional) : Excluding some countries previously studied from 2013 to 2016 is recommended

❑ Contents: Describe the current status and problems of transport and logistics, the national transport plans established by the local government or the international organization, and future directions of pertinent countries or cities.

◦ Contents

· Background of Selecting the country/ Research purpose · Method · Scope · Composition / Table of contents and summary of each paragraph

· Current status and problems (geographical, socio-economic and transport infrastructure characteristics) / government policies and development plans

· Additional information which you might think that it is necessary (case studies, policy suggestions, etc.)

· In particular, focus on traffic statistics, systems and plans.

❑ Inquiry and Submission(email only): Ms. Hyun-Jung LEE, Research Associate. (044-211-3291, hyjlee85@koti.re.kr )

※ At the top of the your proposal, "Your name, e-mail, contact number, affiliation" must be specified.

※ The papers submitted will belong to Korea Transport Research Institute.


 ❑ Table of Contents (Example)

Chapter 1 Introduction

              Section 1 Background and Objectives of the Study

              Section 2 Scope of Study

Chapter 2 Current Status and Problems of Selecting Countries

              Section 1 Country Overview

- Population, area, geographical features, etc.

              Section 2 Socio-Economic Indicators

- Demographic trends, GDP, major industries, trade volume, etc.

              Section 3 Transport Feature

- Number of vehicles, freight volume trend

- Major transport and logistics facilities, transport mode share (including road and rail network)

              Section 4 Problems of Transport and Logistics System

Chapter 3 Transport and Logistics Plan (by selecting country or international organizations)

              Section 1 National Transportation Network Plan or Long-term Transport Master Plan

              Section 2 Major Transport Plan (Roads, Railways, Logistics, Airports, Ports, etc.)

Chapter 4 Transport Laws, Systems and Policies

              Section 1 Major Transport Laws

              Section 2 Transport Administrative Organization

              Section 3 Major Transport Policies (Public Transportation, PPP, Investment Resources, etc.)

Chapter 5 Conclusions and Policy Suggestions


❑ Remarks

  • The selected papers will be revised and published as the Regional Transport Report after consultation with the applicant as a co-author.

  • The type of selected applicants’ participation (a commissioned service provider or an advisor) will be decided after consultation.

  • Items included in the table of contents might be illustrated if available.

  • The commissioned service provider will receive less than KRW 5,000,000 (including a tax and a remittance charge) in return for your service to complete full paper until October, 2017.