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Improving Legal Systems for Traffic Safety on Community Streets

Improving Legal Systems for Traffic Safety on Community Streets

보고서 상세내용
Author Nakmoon SUNG, Hanbyeol JANG, Seungkook WU, Taeyoon PARK Date November 30, 2019
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s) 9 Page(s)
Download 19-06 Improving Legal Systems for Traffic Safety on Community Streets.pdf
1. Background and Purpose of the Study
1.1 Background
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Methods

2. Contents of the Study
2.1 The Importance of Improving Traffic Safety on Community Streets
2.1.1 The concept of community streets
2.2.2 The importance of improving traffic safety on community streets
2.2 Analysis of Driving Behaviors on Community Streets and Survey of Traffic Accident Sites
2.2.1 Analysis of driving behaviors on community streets
2.2.2 Analysis of traffic accident sites through black box recordings
2.3 Comparative Analysis of the Regulatory Systems of Community Streets by Countries
2.3.1 Items in the analysis
2.3.2 Right of way at non-signalized intersections
2.3.3 Right turns at signalized intersections
2.3.4 Civil liability for pedestrians in traffic accidents
2.3.5 Enforcement against traffic violations
2.4 Legislative and Regulatory Changes to Improve Traffic Safety on Community Streets
2.4.1 Reform of the road traffic act for the establishment of temporary stops
2.4.2 Improvements upon the standards for right of way, the design, and the operation for intersections and transitional zones
2.4.3 Improvements upon design and operations for pedestrian safety
2.4.4 Increasing effectiveness of traffic enforcement on community streets

3. Conclusions and Policy Applications
3.1 Conclusion
3.2 Policy Applications