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A preliminary study on the Future National Transportation Master Plan

A preliminary study on the Future National Transportation Master Plan

보고서 상세내용
Author Chansung KIM, Dongwoon KANG, Jaehoon LEE, Kyungpyo KANG, Sangbum SEO, Kihan SONG, Ho LEE Date April 19, 2019
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords Traffic network, Transport policy
The National Transportation Master Plan is, not only, a national top ranked legal plan that suggests efficient building directions for transportation-related plans such as land, sea, logistics and air transportation policies and transportation facilities in 20-year units, but also, the plan to set a long-term and comprehensive investment directions.

Korean government should establish a second plan with the completion of the 20-year long-term planning period for the first plan (2000-2020). However, our future is in the era of increasing maintenance budgets, the challenges of the demographic and social structural changes, and major changes in the new mobility age with the decreasing of large-scale transport construction projects.

This study suggests the directions, main tasks, work schedule and implementation system of the 2nd National Transportation Master Plan through reviewing the previous studies and foreign cases related to long-term transport plan, investigating the prospects of the future transport, gathering the opinions of the experts.

The vision of new plan is “Intelligentizing the National Transportation Network by applying new technology to the national network of Korea”. This study propose the vision of the 2nd National Transport Network Plan and five main directions of investment : 1. Strengthening regional development capacity, 2. Introduction and utilization of the new transport technology, 3. Efficient management of the traffic problems in urban/non-urban areas, 4. Establishment of East Asia transport and logistics network, 5. System Improvement match up to technological innovation. This study also suggests eleven tasks related to five main items.

We hope the results of this study can be used in the 2nd National Transportation Master Plan (2021-2040), the 5th Mid-term Transport Facility Investment Plan, and the transport plan such as roads, railways, logistics and airports.