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Impact Analysis of Autonomous Vehicles and Policy Implications

Impact Analysis of Autonomous Vehicles and Policy Implications

보고서 상세내용
Author Jiyoung PARK, Seung Kook WU, Dong Youn LEE Date November 30, 2018
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s) 5 Page(s)
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Autonomous vehicles (AVs hereafter) are expected to increase convenience of mobility for users while reducing traffic accidents. However, despite the benefits for the society and people, there are also some negative aspects of AVs. The impact on AVs to society depends on how people use the new technology. The public sector’s support is required to lead the way in a positive direction. Support should include a proactive study of socioeconomic and environmental influence of AVs that are expected to rise with the development of AVs commercially because the influence will affect not only users’ convenience but also the society at large. Countries such as the United States, European countries and Japan have already started studies to analyze the impact of AV adoption (Innamaa et al., 2017; Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, 2017).