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Mission & History

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  • Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) is an official research agency for the government of the Republic of Korea. The mission of KOTI is to provide recommendations and alternatives for the nation's transport policy and to create the optimal transport system through specialized research and technical innovations, while positioning itself as one of the world's leading transport research institutions.


(1985 - 2000)Creating Korea's
Transport System
  • Master Plan for Seoul-Busan
    High-Speed Railway
  • Master Plan for Urban
    Transportation System Improvements
  • Master Plan for Construction of
    National Railway Network
  • Master Plan for Logistics Policy
  • Building the National Transport DB
  • Established Plan for
    Key National Traffic Network
  • Urban Traffic Improvement
    Promotion Law Revision
Nov. 1985
Transportation Development Research Institute officially chartered
Feb. 1986
KOTI launched as an incorporated foundation
Aug. 1987
Inaugurated as a government-funded institution
Feb. 1992
KOTI moved to Gangnam District, Seoul
Jun. 1996
Tourism Research Center converted into the Ministry of Culture and Sports
Sep. 1998
Korea Transport Database Center established
Jan. 1999
Joined the Korean Council of Economics & Social Research Institutes
Mar. 1999
Moved to the Construction & Transport Research Complex in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province
(2001 - 2010)People-based
Convenient Transport System
  • Reformed the Public Transport System
  • Master Plan for Urban
    Improvement of Pedestrian Culture
  • Enactment of Movability
  • Improvement of Traffic-Vulnerables Law
  • Expanded Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Enforcement of Expressway Transfer System
  • Research on Transport Environment
    and Sustainable Transport
  • Implimented a Bike Rapid Transit System
Jan. 2005
Center for Road Freight Transport Market established
Jul. 2005
Joined the Korean Council of Economics, Humanities, Social Research Institutes
Aug. 2006
Celebrated 20th anniversary
Jan. 2006
Opening of the Center for Logistics Policy and Certification
Sep. 2006
North Korea Transportation Information Center established
Apr. 2009
Selected as the Most Outstanding Research Institute by Prime Minister’s office
Dec. 2009
Inauguration of the Global Research Office for Green Growth and Convergence
Jan. 2010
MOU signed with World Bank
Mar. 2010
MOU signed with Asian Development Bank
Apr. 2010
Selected as the Most Outstanding Research Institute by Prime Minister’s office
(2011 - 2015)Expanding Beyond
Northeast Asia
  • Cooperative Study and Manpower Exchange
    with International Organizations
  • Educational Training for Public Officials
    of Transport (Korea-ASEAN)
  • Educational Training for World Bank LUTP
  • Educational Training for Citynet
    Public Officials of Transport
  • KSP Report Publications
  • 130 MOUs Signed with Overseas Institutions
  • Establised and Implemented
    Transport Business Plans Overseas
    (Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia
    Mongolia, Mozambique, Peru,
    Cameroon, etc.)
Apr. 2011
Selected as the Most Outstanding Research Institute for third year in a row by Prime Minister’s office
Jun. 2011
2011 KOTI World Forum
Jan. 2012
KOTI-WPI, KOTI-World Bank Joint Seminar
Feb. 2013
KOTI- ITF/OECD Joint Seminar
May. 2014
Selected as the Most Outstanding Research Institute by Prime Minister’s office
Oct. 2014
Dr. LEE Chang Woon inaugurated as 13th President of KOTI
Dec. 2014
Relocated to the Sejong National Research Complex in Sejong City
Mar. 2015
Held a seminar "A new leap forward of the KOTI" For the celebrated relocated to the Sejong
Aug. 2016
Celebrated 30th Anniversary & held a international seminar "KOTI 30 years, next 30 years for future transport"
Dec. 2017
Dr. Oh Jae Hak inaugurated as 14th President of KOTI
Jan. 2019
Center for Privately-Financed Highway Management (CEPHI) established
May. 2019
Selected as the Most Outstanding Research Institute by Prime Minister's office
May. 2020
Selected as the Most Outstanding Research Institute by Prime Minister's office
(2021- )Leading the Mobility
  • Mobility Transformation and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Leading The publicity of Transportation and RegionalBalanced Development
  • Leading Future Transportation based on Big Data
  • Expansion of Global Transportation Cooperation
Feb. 2021
Dr. Oh Jae Hak inaugurated as 15th President of KOTI