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Dept. of The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Transport Dept. of Comprehensive Transport Dept. of Road Transport Dept. of Rail Transport Dept. of Aviation Dept. of Logistics Dept. of National Transport Big Data Dept. of Global Transport Cooperation

Dept. of The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Transport
Leading Future National Transportation Policy
  1. 1Division for Integrated Mobility and Platform-based Transport
  2. 2Division for Smart City and Transport
  3. 3Division for AI and Big Data Analysis
  4. 4Center for Autonomous Driving and Future Vehicles

Dept. of Comprehensive Transport
Building Human-centered Transport Environment and Transport-related Welfare System without Discrimination
  1. 1Division for Metropolitan Transport and Administration
  2. 2Division for Commuting and Multimodal Transport
  3. 3Division for Mobility for the Disadvantaged
  4. 4Division for Climate Change and Sustainable Transport
  5. 5Center for Urban Regeneration and Transport

Dept. of Road Transport
Safe and Efficient Roadways Provide Communication throughout the World
  1. 1Division for Road Transport Policy and Operation
  2. 2Division for Pedestrian and Eco-friendly Transport
  3. 3Division for Transport Legislation
  4. 4Center for Private Financing Highway
  5. 5Center for National Transport Safety

Dept. of Rail Transport
Creating Customized Rail Network Plans for Global Markets
  1. 1Division for Metropolitan High-speed Rail
  2. 2Division for High-speed Rail
  3. 3Center for Private Financing and Publicity
  4. 4Center for Infrastructure in Northeast Asia and North Korea

Dept. of Aviation
Rising to Become a Global Aviation Power
  1. 1Division for Aviation Industry and Employment
  2. 2Division for Aviation Safety and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  3. 3Center for Airport and Aircraft Noise & Environment

Dept. of Logistics
Building a Seamless and Innovative Logistics Network
  1. 1Division for Logistics Market
  2. 2Division for Logistics 4.0
  3. 3Division for Logistics Infrastructure and Safety
  4. 4Center for Logistics Company Certification and Analysis

Dept. of National Transport Big Data
Data-Driven for Future Transport
  1. 1Division for Employment in Transport and Logistics
  2. 2Division for Origin-Destination Travel Survey and Network
  3. 3Division for Transport Big Data Platform

Dept. of Global Transport Cooperation
Korea Transport Prepare a New era and communication with the world
  1. 1Overseas Transport Business and International research project
  2. 2Secondment with international Organizations
  3. 3Build a E-Global System