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Top 10 Electric Car Models Recognized Around the World


# Although the growth of the global automobile market has slowed down due to the global supply chain crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, electric vehicle market continued to sustain a high growth rate, with 6.66 million units sold in 2021. Now, let’s take a look at the rankings and characteristics of electric vehicle models popular around the world.


# First let's take a look at the top 3. The top spot went to the Tesla Model 3, which recorded overwhelming sales. Then it was followed by the Model Y from Tesla (2nd) and SAIC GM Wuling in China (3rd). These three models have accounted for 31.1% of all electric vehicle sales.


# (No. 1) Tesla Model 3 / Dual motor all-wheel drive (AWD) / Pure electric range per charge / Base model 438km / Long range model 576km

  (No. 2)  Tesla Model Y / Based on Model 3 platform / Longrange model is EPA-rated / Pure electric range 531 km

  (No. 3)  Wuling Hongguang Mini EV / Two-door ultra-compact four-passenger electric vehicle and the most sold electric vehicle in China / Pure electric driving range per charge / Base model 120km / Base model +@ 170km


# Here are the models that were ranked no. 4 ~ 6. All of these models are electric vehicles manufactured and sold in China, and the model names are BYD Han, Chery eQ1, and Changan Benni ranked in that order.


# (No. 4) BYD Han / Equipped with a 2.0L gasoline engine and a 180kW electric motor / Can drive 550km per charge (NEDC)

   (No. 5) Chery eQ1 / Electric-powered compact car and the latest version battery has a capacity of 38kWh / Can drive 301km per charge (NEDC)

   (No. 6) Changan Benni / Latest model is Benni EV360 / Equipped with an electric motor that produces 75hp and 165 nm of torque / Maximum speed is 125 km/h and can drive up to 200km


#  The last electric vehicles to be introduced are the models ranked no. 7 ~ 10.

(No. 7) Renault ZOE / Best-selling electric vehicle in Europe / Equipped with 54.5kWh capacity battery / Driving range when fully charged is 309km

(No. 8) ID.3/ First model of the VW ID series, small electric vehicle / Three types of battery capacity and mileage

(No. 9) ID.4/ VW ID series first all-electric SUV / 7 trims / 346-522km mileage / Selected as Car of the Year (21 years)

(No. 10) GAC Aion S / Guangzhou Automobile (GAC) of China / 58.8kWh capacity / Driving range on full charge with secondary battery is 510km / Maximum output is 181hp


# But as you can see, the electric vehicle models recognized around the world are all products from overseas. If so, how are the electric vehicle models from Korea faring against the competition?

Electric vehicles from Korea are models released by Hyundai and Kia, and they were ranked respectively at no. 15 and no. 18 due to waiting for acceptance for the release of new electric vehicles with E-GMP application and delays in shipment due to disruptions in semiconductor supply and demand during the second half of the year.


# (No. 15) KIA Niro / Capacity:1.5kWh / Fuel efficiency: Combined 19.1~20.8km/ℓ / Displacement: 1,580cc / Fuel: Electric, gasoline, hybrid 

  (No. 18) Hyundai Kona / Engine: I4/ Fuel efficiency: 12.7~13.9km/ℓ/ Displacement: 1,598cc/ Fuel: gasoline


# Eco-friendly cars have been drawing attention as of late and the purchase rate of electric cars is increasing as electric cars are becoming more popular all over the world. In particular, China has recently shown rapid growth in the global electric vehicle market, and the US and Europe are also showing continuous growth.

As such, we hope that Korea will also be able to position itself in the TOP 10 through more investment and R&D than the previous years.


* This card news was produced after partially modifying and supplementing the 'Top 10 Best-selling Electric Vehicle Models in the World in 2021' in the June 2022 issue of the Korea Transport Institute's Monthly Transportation.