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Future Prospects of Transportation System Based on Autonomous Vehicles and Policy Recommendations

Future Prospects of Transportation System Based on Autonomous Vehicles and Policy Recommendations

보고서 상세내용
Author Kyuok KIM, Youngjun Moon, Youngkook Kim, Seokjoo LEE, SunA CHO Date 2021-01-31
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords Future Prospects, Autonomous Vehicles

Indicating Source+Prohibition Commercial Exploitation+Prevent Changes

The propose of this research is for projecting future shape of transportation system when it has fully adopted autonomous vehicles and provide policy recommendations for promoting the technology.
To conjecture the longer term scenarios of mobility and supporting infrastructure, this research first reviewed social and economic trends as well as human behaviors on utilizing current vehicles and mobility services.
Second, this research reviewed autonomous vehicles, relevant mobility services and infrastructure technologies for drawing long term technical trends of the industry.
Third, it reviewed government polices in major countries that promoting autonomous vehicle development for confirming the level of determination of global community for developing autonomous vehicles.
Through the process, authors found that the consumer of mobility services and vehicles might willing to use the technologies if the technologies suite their needs. Also, the industry grasped consumer needs and get the autonomous vehicles and mobility services be prepared based on the technology. Furthermore, authors found that the technology posed huge potential for economic leap when it reached a tipping point. Due to the economic potential, the governments in global communities are determine to support the industries for promoting the technologies.
Lastly, this research suggested strategies for advancing in autonomous vehicle technologies and developing mobility services.