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Strategy for Improving Metropolitan Transport Administration of Korean Mega-City Regions

Strategy for Improving Metropolitan Transport Administration of Korean Mega-City Regions

보고서 상세내용
Author Changhwan MO, Eun-su JUN Date 2018-06-30
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords Metropolitan Transport Administration, Transport Policy
In Korea, 80% of the entire population lives in the metropolitan area, and there is a serious traffic problem due to the rapid increase of the transport demands for the wide area transportation which crosses the administrative boundary of local governments. In addition, metropolitan transport problems are forecasted to continue worsening in other metropolitan areas as well as the Capital region in Korea.
It is desirable to create an effective metropolitan transport authority to address metropolitan transport problems which are beyond the administrative boundary of local governments. If the metropolitan transport authority is created, the relationship between the authority and other administrative organizations should be clearly established.
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport focuses on transportation between regions across the country, and local governments focus on urban transportation issues such as urban railway and city bus. The metropolitan transport authority is responsible for the transport administration of the metropolitan area, which is left vacant by the central and local governments at this moment.
The metropolitan transport authority carries out the metropolitan transportation administration by reflecting the opinions of local governments through the metropolitan transportation committee and should establish a relationship with public transportation operators such as urban railway corporations, KORAIL and metropolitan bus companies to provide public transportation services, by entering into a contract through a competitive bidding process.
The function of metropolitan transport which is carrying out by the central government should be transferred to the newly created metropolitan transport authority. Furthermore, the metropolitan transport authority must perform new tasks to upgrade the capacity and speed of metropolitan transport, to strengthen the linkage among transportation modes and to improve safety and sustainability. To do this, it is necessary to revise related transport laws and regulations for the establishment of an effective metropolitan transport authority.