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A Study on Reforming Supervision System of PPP Toll Road for Public Interest

A Study on Reforming Supervision System of PPP Toll Road for Public Interest

보고서 상세내용
Author Jeongbok Yu․ Hanbyul Jang Date November 30, 2017
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s) 148 Page(s)
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In this study, firstly, according to the toll road method and the private investment law, the private business, which is a nonprofit management office, set up the right to manage the toll roads to collect the toll roads and the characteristics of each concession agreement, The results of the project are as follows.

Through this, it is possible to grasp the insufficiently supervised management of the private road company, and to refer to cases of business organizations and supervisory organizations in the domestic transportation sector, legislative cases for establishing management organizations for supervision of business organizations in other fields, And presented the scenario for each type of supervisory organization. Next, after analyzing the pros and cons of each scenario and recommending the most appropriate alternative, it recommended the establishment of the supervisory body and the optimal option for the representative organization, funding for establishment and operation.

This study is based on the review of some amendments to the toll road law, which was initiated by Representative Jeon Hyun-hee of [Appendix] on August 14, 2017. However, In order to minimize the legal risk, the company appointed five lawyers as consultants for the establishment and financing of the project.