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Improvement of national highway official planning and implementation

Improvement of national highway official planning and implementation

보고서 상세내용
Author Chandle CHAE․ Jonghoon LEE Date November 30, 2017
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
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The national highway budget of 2018 spoken by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is about 14,700 billion won and it is reduced by 23 percent over the past year. However, the budget for highway maintenance, climate change response, and road safety improvement rise up to 3,790 billion won(2.4% increase). These changing of SOC investment shows that SOC investment will be reduced continuously and the more highway facilities are getting old, the more investments are needed to maintain them. But the national highway official plans don’t focus on maintenance of highway facilities but construction of new highway.

The suitable highway maintenance plan can reduce facility management cost and make effective usage of the existing highway facilities. In this light, the aim of this research is to make improvements of the national highway official plans to contain highway maintenance plan following the new paradigm of SOC investment. Especially, response plan for highway deterioration is suggested, too.

First, the research suggest a new planning methodology that is separated by top-down process and bottom-up process according to the characteristics of planning items. Because the national comprehensive items like new national highway construction is more effective when it is planned by top-down process while the local individual items like the construction of underground road in specific area is better to be planned by bottom-up process.

Second, making a control tower named ‘The national highway planning group’ is suggested. There are 3 kinds of official plans that concerned with national highway and each plans has its own goals and strategy. So, the control tower to bind these plans is needed for making unified national highway plan in long-term point of view.

Last, the departmentalization of highway facilities maintenance plan into ordinary management / fault management / special management is suggested. For the special management to response for highway deterioration, the research suggest to make a guide-line that contains management method of each highway facilities to response their deterioration. Development of the life-cycle management system for highway facilities are also suggested in the research.