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KOTI 36th Anniversary International Seminar 「Transformation of Mobility: Korea's Path into the Future」

2022년 8월 25일 (목) 10:00 ~ 12:10
Grand Ballroom, Sejong National Research Complex
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KOTI is organizing the 36th Anniversary International Seminar on 'Transformation of Mobility: Korea's Path into the Future'.

KOTI which has contributed to transport infrastructure development, conveninent public transport system and competitive transport and logistics industry is now facing a tremendous challenge toward mobility transformation in the coming years. Transformation of mobility triggered by the 4th Industrial Revolution and Climate Change Crisis is progressing rapidly mainly through autonomous car, electric vehicle, and shared transport. A national strategy in mobility transformation is urgently required to establish a smooth transition ecosystem including automoblie industry, digital infrastructure, mobility services industry and laws and regulations.

You are cordially invited to the KOTI 36th Anniversary International Seminar. This international seminar is expected to serve as a public debate forum on mobility transformation. KOTI is looking forward to having your innovate ideas in the seminar.



10:00~10:40 Opening Ceremony

Opening Remark Jaehak OH | President, Korea Transport Institute

Welcome Remark Hae-Gu JUNG| Chair, National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences

Congratulatory Remarks

Hyeryun BACK | Chair, National Policy Committee, National Assembly

Han Hong YOON | Member of the National Assembly(TBC)

Myeong-so EO | Vice Minster, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Sunha LEE | Chair, Korean Society of Transportation

Yong Tae KIM | Secretary-General, International Transport Forum-OECD



10:40~11:20 Presentations

Presentation 1 The Three Revolutions of Electrification, Automation, and Sharing and the Public Interest | Daniel Sperling | Professor, UC Davis

Presentation 2 Mobility Transformation in Korea: Major Challenges and Innovation Youngho KIM | Chief Director, Korea Transport Institue


11:20~12:10 Discussion

Chair Keeyeon HWANG | Professor, Hongik Unversity (Former President of KOTI)


Nicolas Peltier-Thiberge | Global Director for Transport, World Bank

James Leather | Chief of Transport Sector Group, Asian Development Bank

Akimasa Fujiwara | Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan

Young-sang RYU | CEO, SK Telecom

Mi Ock MUN | President, Science and Technology Policy Institute

Jinhwan YOON | Director, Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport