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Call for Proposals of 2022 KOTI Regional Transport Research

2022-05-09 ~ 2022-05-19
Jisoo LEE Researcher    /    044-211-3298
2022 Call for Proposals of Regional transport Research_F.pdf

Call for Proposals of 2022 KOTI Regional Transport Research

The Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) is a leading national think tank in Korea’s transport and logistics sector since 1986. KOTI has been implementing the "International Transport and Logistics Cooperation Project" since 2012 in order to share Korea's development knowledge and experiences in transport sector with developing countries and to cast light upon the status quo of transport system in developing countries. As a part of the project, "KOTI Regional Transport Research" aims to investigate overall status of transport and logistics in developing countries that Korean government selected as ODA priority partners. 2022 KOTI Regional Transport Research will call for proposals of transport issues in developing countries/cities from transport experts. Applicants should have high accessibility to local data written in local languages and understanding on local transport system and infrastructure. Through this contest with their contribution, we expect to be able to closely understand urgent transport issues in target countries/cities and make meaningful contribution to leverage Korean ODA projects around the globe. We ask for your great interest and participation.

□ Proposal Submission Period: 9 May (Mon) ~ 19 June (Sun)

□ Target Country/City: 3rd  Priority partner countries of Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) in Korea (Recommend excluding some countries previously studied from 2019 to 2021)

□ Proposal contents: Describe the current status and problems of transport and logistics, the national transport plans established by the local government or the international organization, and future directions of pertinent countries or cities including contents as below.

·   Background of Selecting the country or city/ Research purpose · Method · Scope · Composition / Table of contents and summary of each paragraph

·  Current status and problems of the country, capital city and metropolis (more than 1 million population) (geographical, socio-economic and transport infrastructure characteristics) / government policies and development plans

·   Additional information, which you might think it is necessary (case studies, policy suggestions, etc.)

·   In particular, focus on transport statistics (2015-2020 data), institution and plans.

□ Length: Approximately A4 7~10 pages (MS Word)

□ Inquiry  and  Submission(email  only): Ms. Jisoo LEE, Researcher (+82-44-211-3298, )

Documents for Submission: Proposal, Agreement on Collection and Use of Personal


※   At the top of the your proposal, "Your name, e-mail, contact number, affiliation" must be specified.