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International Seminar on Gyeongui Railway Connection and Peace in Korean Peninsula

August 21, 2018 (Tue.) 14:00 ~ 18:00
Lotte Hotel Seoul, Crystal Ballroom
trecokim@koti.re.kr    /    +82-44-211-3244
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Railway transportation in Korean peninsula no longer represents division and conflict, but it represents peace and prosperity. It also brings new economic cooperation in the region, and promotes reorganization of spacial structure in East Asia.

At the 4.27 Inter-Korean summit, PyeongChang Olympic high-speed railway which North Korean officials took was one of the main issue, and the conversations here highly affected the Panmunjeom Declaration.

This international seminar will examine the political and economic effects of the Gyeongui railway and shed new light on the Gyeongui railway in the upcoming era. We will no longer recall our past which resembles faded photographs, but will dream of the Gyeongui railway, the symbol of peace and prosperity.

This year we seed “Gyeongui railway” as peace and prosperity. We would be appreciated if you join us in our meaningful seminar and share your opinions.

Thank You.

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13:30~14:00 Registration

14:00~14:40 Opening Ceremony

14:40~16:00 Session1 Peace and Security Effects of Gyeongui Railway Connection

Presentation 1 Task of Gyeongui Railway Connection, and Peace and Prosperity in Korean Peninsula / Yeon Chul Kim President, KINU

Presentation 2 Means of Linking One-Belt, One-Road of China in Korean Peninsula / Guoshan An Director, North Korean Economy Research Center, Yanbian Univeristy

Chairperson Jong-seok Lee Senior Research Fellow of the Sejong Institute (Former Minister of Ministry of Unification)

16:00~16:20 Coffee Break

16:20~17:50 Session2 Economic Effects of Gyeongui Railway Connection

Presentation 1 Economic Effects and Mutual Tasks of Modernization of Gyeongui Railway / Jae-hoon Lee Chief Director, Future Transport Strategy Center, KOTI

Presentation 2 Economic Ripple Effects on Northeastern Region of China in Accordance with Gyeongui Railway Connection / Dongming Zhang Director, Institute of Northeast Asian Studies Liaoning University

Chairperson Hyung Jin Kim Professor, Yonsei University(Former President of KOTI)

17:50 Closing