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A Study on Improving the Monitoring System for Effective Promotion of Road Safety Projects in Korea

A Study on Improving the Monitoring System for Effective Promotion of Road Safety Projects in Korea

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Author Jae-kyung LIM․Jin-Wook OH․Hyo-Eun KIM Date 2020년 11월 30일 (월)
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords Road Safety Projects, Road safety projects

Indicating Source+Prohibition Commercial Exploitation+Prevent Changes

In Korea, 3,349 people died in traffic accidents in 2019 alone, of which 1,302 or about 39% were pedestrian accidents. In order to prevent such traffic accidents, the government is carrying out various road safety projects to secure road safety and reduce traffic accidents. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is implementing projects such as village residents' protection zone project, road safety facility reinforcement, improvement project for frequent traffic accidents (general national highway), and risk road improvement project (national highway).
The road safety programs and project implemented by the government is expected to have very high investment effects and economic feasibility due to the high accident reduction effect compared to budget input. However, there is a lack of evidence management and effectiveness evaluation system to prove high effectiveness compared to budget input.
Through this study, we examined the monitoring status of road safety projects promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and the National Police Agency, and reviewed major problems in the monitoring system. In addition, based on the problems, we proposed measures to improve the legal system to establish a monitoring system and to operate the organizational system to systematically manage and monitor the performance of the road safety projects.
In this study, the Traffic Safety Act, Railroad Safety Act, Aviation Safety Act, Maritime Safety Act, Disaster and Safety Management Basic Act, and Special Act on Safety and Maintenance of Facilities were reviewed as laws related or similar to road safety projects.
Through this, A Road Safety Law was proposed to secure the legal basis for various road safety projects that are currently being carried out without legal basis, and to continuously and systematically implement them.