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Strategy for Innovating Mobility Services

Strategy for Innovating Mobility Services

보고서 상세내용
Author Hee Cheol SHIN, Youngho KIM, Minju PARK, Seongyoug PARK Date November 30, 2019
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s) 22 Page(s)
Download 19-01 Strategy for Innovating Mobility Services.pdf
1. Overview of the Study
1.1 Purpose of the study
1.2 The Scope, Content, and Method of the Study

2. Mobility Service Status and Need for Innovation
2.1 Mobility Service Status
2.1.1 The concept of mobility services
2.1.2 Problems of the existing transportation system
2.2 Need for Innovation in Mobility Services
2.2.1 Change in social structure
2.2.2 Changes in traffic behavior

3. The Direction of Mobility Service Innovation
3.1 Analysis of the Future Mobility Service Needs
3.1.1 Combination of user needs for improved convenience and megatrend
3.1.2 Combination of improved transportation facilities and the magatrend to improve the speed
3.1.3 Combination of improved safety/environment and megatrend
3.2 The Direction of Future Mobility Service Development

4. Mobility Service Innovation and Key Tasks
4.1 Future Mobility Service Innovation Areas and Feasibility Assessment
4.1.1 Expert survey overview
4.1.2 Evaluation result through expert research
4.2 The Future Mobility Service Innovation and Key Tasks
4.2.1 Key challenges in automobile development and operation
4.2.2 Key challenges in traffic information generation and utilization
4.2.3 The key tasks in road infrastructure expansion and maintenance

5. Establishment of Three Major Strategies and Roadmap to Realize Mobility Service Innovation
5.1 Three Major Strategies to Realize Mobility Service Innovation
5.1.1 Technology development strategy for mobility service
5.1.2 Strategies for commercialization of mobility services
5.1.3 Strategies to reform laws and systems for mobility services
5.2 Mobility Services Innovation Roadmap