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How much did you know about personal mobility driving rules?

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# Increase of personal mobility users brought forth upsurge of traffic accidents. A lot of users violate traffic regulations or pose serious threat to other riders’ safety because they are ignorant of rules and code of conduct. Shall we delve into the basic rules and driving manners of personal ridables?

# 1. Personal mobility devices must be used on cycling paths- However, driving on road is permitted only when there are no cycling paths in the driving area.

2. Personal mobility devices must keep to the right- Personal mobility devices, pedestrians, and cars must all keep to the right in Korea.

# 3. Users must travel a sufficient distance from PMDs(Personal mobility devices) or vehicles ahead- It is one of the basics to keep a safe distance from vehicles ahead to prevent collision in case of a sudden stop.

4. PMDs must not be ridden side by side by more than two people- Unless parallel driving is permitted users must ride in a single line.

# 5. When turning left, right, stopping, or driving slowly users must signal their intentions with indicators or hand signal.- When sending hand signals it is advised to decelerate before signaling and changing directions to prevent loss of balance(applies especially to electric scooters).

# 6. Users are advised to stick to the right unless it is impracticable to do so- Provides some space at the left side for cars to overtake/-Allows safety distance for two-way crossing 

# 7. For safety purpose, users are discouraged from overtaking when under following roads/situations: ①Road where the driver ahead may turn left, ②Steep slope or sharp curve, ③When a bicycle or PMD heading the opposite direction is coming near on a two-way crossing cycle lane, ④When a bicycle or PMD ahead is overtaking another ridable.

# 8. When driving at night, in hazardous conditions, or through a tunnel users must turn on headlight and rear light for safety.- Headlights must be adjusted to prevent from blinding other drivers or pedestrians.

9. When hauling PMDs users must walk on the footpath.- When walking bicycles or PMDs(electric scooters) users become pedestrians, and must walk on footpath only.

# 10. When users are out of the PMDs and on halt, they must stay away from cycle lanes or roads.- Standing on cycle lanes or roads interferes with other drivers’ traffic and poses safety threat./- If inevitably standing on cycle lanes or roads, users must stay within the shoulder and be cautious of passing vehicles.

# So far, we have reviewed basic rules and code of conduct when riding PMDs. Following these rules is imperative to avoid any traffic accidents. Eco-friendly and convenient PMDs will secure their positions as safe transportation if pedestrians, drivers, PMD users all abide by the safety rules and drive with full attention.

* The following content has been partially edited & supplemented from original KOTI (Korea Transport Institute) Zero Accident Brief 2021 Vol. 8 No.4 “Distinguishing and Using Personal Mobility Devices.”