Oil Price and Travel Demand

Oil Price and Travel Demand

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Author The Korea Transport Institute Date 2009-08-21
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords Oil Price, Petroleum Price, Travel Demand, Highway, Subway, Energy, Transportation, Korea
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Chapter Ⅰ. Introduction
1. Background and Purpose
2. Scope and Method
3. Literature Review

Chapter Ⅱ. Review of Energy and Transportation Sectors
1. Crude Oil Prices and Its Demand and Supply
2. Petroleum Prices and Its Demand and Supply in Korea
3. Petroleum Consumption in Transport Sector
4. Travel Demand in Highway
5. Travel Demand in Subway

Chapter Ⅲ. Theoretical Background and Data
1. Basic Idea
2. Theoretical Background
3. Estimation Model
4. Data Summary

Chapter Ⅳ. Effects of Oil Price Changes on Travel Demand
1. Highway Travel Demand
2. Subway Travel Demand

Chapter Ⅴ. Conclusion and Policy Implications
1. Summary and Conclusion
2. Policy Implication