Efforts and Hope for Effective Aircraft Noise Management


The Korea Aviation Noise Policy Forum will be with you to resolve the problem regarding aircraft noise damage and residents’ support.
Today's noise problem has become a very important factor in determining the quality of life in our residential environment. If we look at the quality of life from the perspective of the pursuit of happiness, the noise problem in our daily lives will be even more significant.
I read the articles of residents of the noise-damaged area in the Airport Noise Brief, which is published by the Korea Transport Institute. It was an article that complained about the damage caused by aircraft noise in everyday life including residents' health, and the disadvantages of property rights. And I started thinking again.
The problem of aircraft noise has been considered incidental to the development of the air transport industry. However in the meantime, there has been no opportunity to communicate between stakeholders, and the residents have been distrustful. Airport noise briefs are now responsible for serving as a bridge for communicating information between the government and residents. This is a progressive and constructive move. Aircraft noise issues require continued efforts to communicate and understand each other to find a solution.
The aircraft noise problem is a similarly occurring community problem at airports around the world. In order to resolve social conflicts, the Korean government enacted the Act on the Prevention of Airport Noise and Support for Noise Countermeasures in 2010 and has implemented various projects to support residents in affected areas. However, it is still difficult to suggest satisfactory solutions between the government and the residents. Against this backdrop, the Korea Aviation Policy Forum, which has been newly launched, aims to bridge the gap between the government and the residents. The Korea Aviation Policy Forum will provide smooth communication and information and will help narrow the gap between stakeholders through efficient policy proposals.
The Korea Aviation Noise Policy Forum (hereinafter referred to as the " Forum"), which is a non-profit corporate organization, was officially approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on 21 August 2019. The forum is aimed at exchanging relevant information such as aviation noise, finding and discussing agendas, conducting academic research activities, and presenting directions for developing noise policies. The Forum is composed of four subcommittees to address technical, legal, policy and health issues, including environmental factors as well as aviation noise. Each sub-Committee member has accumulated long experience in the field or are engaged in research activities in the academic field.

The project referred to in the table above presents the focus areas of study for each committee. The Forum will carry out research projects or advice on policy development by government and public agencies so that desirable policies can be established. In addition, we will establish aircraft noise data and information through exchanges with domestic and foreign related agencies so that they can be reflected in the improvement of the problem in the site.
‘The 2nd Airport Noise Prevention and Resident Support Mid-term Plan’ is now being completed. The government is working on ‘the 3rd Mid-term Plan ('21~'25)’. In the future, we will participate in such government-led planning projects and rationally refine various standards related to noise according to ROK’s environment. We will try to prevent unnecessary disputes by assisting the requirements for the improvement of the residents to be reflected in government policies. We will also carry out policy advice, policy assessment, and various research projects, along with projects to improve the quiet operation procedures suitable for the characteristics of each airport. As a result, we will carry out midto long-term projects objectively with confidence from the perspective of third parties as unrelated to stakeholders.
We, the Forum, look forward to your support for the development of the Korea Aviation Noise Policy Forum. Thank you.
LEE Youngduck
President of the Korea Aviation Noise Policy Forum