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Sustainable and Inclusive Transport: KOTI Seminar Proceedings

Sustainable and Inclusive Transport: KOTI Seminar Proceedings

보고서 상세내용
Author Date 2016-08-31
Publisher The Korea Transport Institute Page(s)
Keywords 지속가능교통, 공항, 인천국제공항, 공항접근, 고속도로, 철도, 버스, 모범사례분석, 공항개선, 터미널, 주차장, 온실가스배출량, 교통시스템, 지속가능도시, ITF, sustainable transport, sustainable urban
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Executive Summary 7

Sustainable and inclusive transport research at the ITF 9
On inclusive transport 9
On sustainable transport 10

Sustainable surface access to airports: Incheon International Airport best practices 15
Brief history, current conditions and achievement 15
Airport access: Highway, rail and bus 16
Best practice analysis 18
Airport improvement plans: Terminals, parking and railway access 19

Sustainable surface access to airport: London Heathrow case study 21
Planning framework for infrastructure projects in the UK 21

Korea’s sustainable transport-related policy measures 25
GHG emissions: Trends, composition and national reduction goals 25
National sustainable transport policy framework 26

Transport systems sustainability indicators in Italian metropolitan cities 29
Evolution of transportation planning in European countries 29
Sustainable urban mobility indicators in Italy 29

References 31