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The Korea Transport Institute is the greatest comprehensive research agency in the nation
and actively works to develop national transport policies
and transport technologies.

KOTI has struggled to establish national transport policies and improve people's safe mobility and accessibility as Korea's economic growth has increased. However, we need to go further to become a world-class institute by redoubling our effort.

First of all, we will create higher-quality reports and provide great policies to policymakers in order to be an institute worthy of trust by those in government. Second, we will make all efforts to present invaluable ideas for national transport and disclose useful information to the people to benefit their lives. Last but not least, we will improve the organizational culture by restructuring it under the theme of 'fusion and synergy' to be a more motivating force.

KOTI is willing to lead the way in realizing a better country through safe and convenient transportation by sharing knowledge with relevant schools, industries, institutes, and governments while producing fruitful and practical reports.

All KOTI staff are determined to go forward in building a happier society, nurturing stronger relationships with each other, and developing the institute to achieve more than thought possible.

Thank you.

Chang Woon LEE
President of the Korea Transport Institute