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Korea's think tank for transport and logistics

Introduction to Research

  • Hyun Gun SUNG
  • NAME : Hyun Gun SUNG
  • POSITION : Research Fellow
  • TEL : 82-31-910-3210
  • RESEARCH : Land-use and Transportation Coordination, Transit-Oriented Development(TOD), Built Environment and Health
  • E-MAIL : hgsung@koti.re.kr

President Auditor Dept. of Planning and Administration Office for Research Planning and Management Office for Administrative Management Dept. of National Transport Strategic Planning Division for Future Transport and Strategic Planning Division for Innovative Transportation Technology Convergence Division for KTX Economic Development and TOD Research Division for Transport and Climate Change Research Dept. of National Transport Surveys and Analysis National Transport Database Center Division for Transport Infrastructure Investment Research Dept. of Transport Safety and Highway Research Division for Transport Safety and Bicycle Research Division for Highway Policy and Technology Research Dept. of Railway Research Division for Rail Industry and Policy Research Division for Railway Operation Technology Research Dept. of Logistics Research Division for Logistics Policy and Certification Division for Logistics Technology and Freight Transport Market Research Dept. of Aviation Research Division for Air Transport Policies and Information Analysis Division for Air and Space Transport Technologies Research Division for Aviation IT Research and ICAO Cooperation Dept. of Comprehensive Transport and Transport Economics Research Division for Public Transport and Transport Welfare Research Division for Urban and Metropolitan Transport Research Division for Transport Economics and Freight Industry Research Dept. of International Cooperation and North Korean Transport Division for International Transport Cooperation Research Division for Northeast Asia and North Korean Transport Research